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Nontalo, an ingenious stool where play, spontaneity and sustainability are in harmony, built with a compostable material made of olive pits designed together with Irene Martinez under de name Eneris Collective.

It's not just a stool. Nontalo is constructed from six modules – three P-shaped pieces that can be combined and positioned in different ways and three straight rods that hold them together, forming avariety of shapes from a three-legged stool to a bench seat and many alternatives in between.

From waste to product. The stool is made of a resistant and durable material that is also 100% compostable. It is Reolivar, a biomaterial made from olive pits and natural ingredients created by Naifactory LAB. This waste is put to good use, giving rise to a new natural wood that is easy to shape without the need to cut down trees to obtain it.

3rd Place Rossana Orlandi Plastic Prize at Milan Design week 2023


Nontalo has been exhibited in the Dutch Design Week 22.

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