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Iron tube, paperband



Nat comes from the word Nature. Nat chair is, in a way, the result of March-May 2020 Covid confinement.

It was born from the need and longing to be in contact with nature, something almost impossible during that time, specially for those who lived in cities.

Nat is inspired by lawn and camping chairs from the 60s and its metal structures.

The range of colors relates to flowers. Flowers presents in Irene’s grandparent's farmhouse, Mediterranean flowers that she saw in her childhood while playing outdoors. Flowers that speak of the Mediterranean culture. The climate, the enjoyment of people, the food and the landscape.

The seat fabric is a band made from recycled office paper, compostable and biodegradable that doesn’t use any toxic solvents. A resistant material little explored in the furniture context.


NAT.Chair has been exposed in to Milan Design Week 2022 together with Isola Design District

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