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Dermatilomania its a mental disorder that is classified as a Body focused repetitive Behavior (BFRB). People with this condition have the urge to damage their own skin. These behaviors are related as mechanism to calm anxiety, stress, and emotional distress.

These actions can be automatic(not concient about the behaviour)  or focused (its intencional and concient). 

Between 1,4-5% of world population experiment this condition. 85% of the persons affected are women. There is no medical treatment. Therapy has been the best treatment to o control this condition.


D’joier its a jewerly designed to accompany the therapy treatment of dermatilomania. The design helps the user to recognize the movements and actions related to skin scratching and eliminates the possibility of damaging the skin by protecting the nail.

Using parametric design and digital fabrication, it can be customized to the morphology and preferences of the user, reminding anonymous to the world.

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