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CAI stands for Integrate Alcoholemia Control.

Alcohol is present in 30% and 50% of fatal accidents (DGT).

The project proposes a new system to detect users who have exceeded the alcohol consumption limit and prevent them from driving. 

The device is designed for small urban mobility vehicles. 

In Barcelona, 40% of accidents are caused by bicycles and electric scooters (2021, Guardia Urbana).


Detect Bicing users who have exceeded the permitted alcohol level and prevent them from using the service.



CAI: Sweat sensor on bicycle handlebars which detects blood alcohol level every 20 seconds. 

The user must place the hands on the handlebars for 20 seconds so CAI can detect the blood alcohol level. If the blood alcohol level is within the established limits, the bicycle unlocks. 

The device tracks the alcohol level throughout the ride. If it detects a change, the bicycle wheel is locked and a notification is sent to the user's profile. The user must leave the bike and take alternative transport, such as a cab, public transport or walk.

Taking the whole ride, prevents the possibility of unlocking the bicycle by third parties with alcohol levels in the established ranges, to leave it to users who exceed the level. 

Project made together with Ivana LLobet, Jorge Donate y Jessica Nisse.

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