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Grape pomace



Wine packaging made from wine waste.

100% biodegradable and compostable materials derived from pomace have been researched and developed, obtaining an agglomerate, a bacterial cellulose and an ink, to solve the different aspects of the packaging.

This project not only wants to highlight the bottle and the wine, but also the figure of the farmer, the place of origin, all the efforts that are put year after year and the people who make it possible.

Aims to challenge the connotations of the word waste to create a new palette of biomaterials anchored in the territory as part of a circular system that can benefit society. That's why the choice of the collaborating winery.

Located in the heart of Collserola, Can Calopa de Dalt is a century-old farmhouse where l'Olivera makes unique wines, the only ones born in Barcelona.  Since 2010 they have kept the city’s wine heritage alive,giving wings to a social inclusion project that promotes peri-urban agroecology.

Can Calopa is a farm-house managed by the cooperative L'Olivera, a benchmark of social agriculture, sustainability and ecology, which for more than 40 years has been offering employment and social opportunities to groups at risk of exclusion.

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