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Artichoke waste



BeeGreen  is  a  new material created from a high percentage of artichoke waste.  The canning industry processes 60% of  this vegetable in its facilities, of which approximately 70% of artichoke is waste. Currently, the only solution to this waste is to use it for livestock feed.

Plastic film is the fourth most polluting product in the oceans according to the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ in 2021. This type of single-use plastic will be banned by the European Union. On the other hand, aluminium paper, which is impossible to recycle when it has been in contact with food, causes the deterioration of rivers and aquifers due to the extraction of bauxite (a component necessary to manufacture it) and can also be harmful to health.

Faced with this problem, BeeGreen offers a more sustainable alternative to single use packaging, applying vegetable waste in order to create a new compostable product that contributes to circular economy.

Through simple, less polluting processes and the use of sustainable materials, are usable, impermeable and heat-preserving product is obtained.BeeGreen collaborates with the construction of a greener world.

BeeGreen won the Best Design x Change award in the category Production of the EFOOD22 Conference that took place in Lisbon in 2022. link

Project made together with Patricia Lopez, Jessica Niessen and Noelia Esparís.

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